The Memoroid and the Ship

In which Suliman demonstrates Eleon to the passengers.

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The audience gasped in awe, as they could see all the castles, buildings, and houses in Eleon. And the flying ships that moved from one floating island to another were gliding among them.

“This is Eleon,” said Suliman. “It consists of fourteen floating cities, each with a ruling family and a government of its own. It has hundreds of villages and towns, with most of them lying in their own floating islands.

“The large ships you are seeing are for the transport of people and products among the major islands.”

Suliman pointed his hand at prominent Eleon ships and then focused on a huge floating castle.

“The central government of Eleon is located at the biggest island near the center.”

While Suliman was discussing the royal families, Jiro watched the ships with fascination. This was his first time seeing them after all. His parents had visited the kingdom many times, especially his father who completed his studies there.

As Jiro was busy viewing the tour, he did not notice Nathan take out a box from a bag. It was covered in gift-wrap. Nathan opened it and out came a wondrous toy, a twenty-four-inch ship with sails and wings. 

It was like a real ship but much smaller.

Nathan opened another box and pulled out a small controller. He placed the ship on his lap and grasped the controller with two hands. He moved its sticks and then slowly the toy ship started to go up.

It kept on rising until it was floating on top of him.

No one among the audience noticed when a perfect replica of an Eleon ship joined the presentation. It drifted and sailed among the islands. It appeared exactly like the ships that came out from the Memoroid, except that this one was real.

When the presentation was about to end, the Memoroid released the glowing ball, and the light came back to it as though it absorbed everything the audience was seeing. The show was over.

But to their amazement, there was one ship left floating above them. It glided and flew and finally descended slowly towards a boy in the audience.

Jiro's heart was pounding excitedly as he watched the flying ship coming nearer and nearer to him.

Then it stopped and floated in his front. 

And that was when Rheia and Nathan greeted:


“This is our gift to you!” chorused Rheia and Nathan as they embraced him. 

Jiro could not contain his happiness. There was no better birthday present he could wish for than this!

While the audience started to disperse, the Hawking family moved to a nearby table. Nathan returned the two boxes in the bag and placed it near Jiro.

The ship was still floating next to them.

“Did you like your gift?” asked Nathan. “Your mother designed it, while I built it. It took us around two months to complete it.”

Before Jiro replied, he looked with pride at his gift. This was created by his parents themselves! 

“Yes! I love it! It is the best gift ever!” Jiro exclaimed. 

“How does it work? Why does it float?” he asked excitedly.”

“Inside the ship is a small piece of Skystone,” answered Rheia. “The same material we used for the prince’s Flying Castle.

“This material can only be found in Eleon. It is a rare and expensive gemstone. The ship and the controller have one each, the size of a corn seed. They are paired with each other. So you can tilt, forward, slow, and speed up the ship to any direction.”

Jiro’s head was buzzing with things he would like to do with his new toy. He knew he would spend lots of hours with it in the coming days.

“But we have one more gift for you!” said Rheia enthusiastically. She pulled a small, gift-wrapped box from her pocket and showed it to Jiro.