Every media has varying degrees of pull

Some forms of media create stronger pulls.

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3 Every media has varying degrees of pull

Have you noticed that some forms of media pull you more than others? Do you prefer learning about something in video format as compared to text? Some people like consuming novels via audiobooks instead of eBooks. And others would rather read the original sources instead of their film equivalents.

Of course, the quality of the source has something to do about this as well. Just imagine comparing the Dragon Ball Z films versus their manga equivalents. Or the Death Note manga to its anime or live-action movie. But regardless of the quality of the materials, it is a common trend that people would always prefer modern forms of media.

The more senses are involved in media consumption, the easier it is for most people to understand, remember, and feel engaged with the material. Do you still remember those programming books with a title similar to "Head First XYZ Programming"? Those books look silly, but they effectively teach and engage the readers on something as complex and boring (for most people) as programming.

Imagine: Let us say that you want to learn about the life of Alexander the Great. Which do you think among these materials will contribute to your goal of learning, remembering, and engaging with the topic?

  • The Campaigns of Alexander - book written by the Greek Historian Arrian. This book is pure text (zero pictures) and was written in 2 AD.
  • Alexander (2004 film) - movie directed by Oliver Stone.
  • Alexander the Great (2014 TV Show) - a tv series about his life.

Most people will choose either the tv show or the film. And for the amount of time invested, the film (2 hours) will win.

Just another example before we leave this topic, do you still remember the battle between Dumbledore and Voldemort? Can you try to recall it in your mind? I am going to bet that the one that will play in your mind will be the scene from the movie. And what if I say, try to remember the Sorting Hat scene when Harry Potter said, "Not Slytherin, not Slytherin." Can you replay that in your mind without seeing the scenes from the movie? That is how powerful the modern forms of media are.

You have a feeling where this topic is going. It is only a matter of time before we don't even have to watch the life of Alexander the Great to visualize it. We can be Alexander the Great, live his life interactively, and go through his life's journey through the media of games.