Our mission is to create the most engaging combat-centric, isometric action role-playing video games emphasizing collection, progression, and challenge.


The Mechdamon Manifesto provides guidance for the creation of the Mechdamon games. There are only 15 main principles but more than a hundred specific guidelines.

Table of Contents

1: Unity of Purpose

The game is created with clear intent and unity of purpose.

2: High Integrity

The game respects itself and its players.

3: Challenge-Driven Game Flow

The game flows through challenges.

4: Fairness through Familiarity

The game thwarts the hero unfairly always.

5: Equaling Principle

The hero is always weaker or equal to an enemy.

6: Reasonable Difficulty

The game uses reasonable sources of difficulties.

7: Combat as Dance

The game provides the best combat experience.

8: Attention to Detail

The game's facets are created consciously and meticulously.

9: Beautiful by Default

The game shows its best appearance always.

10: Memorable Music

The game provides memorable music throughout.

11: Mythological Design

The game uses aspects of mythological journeys.

12: Discovery Over Instruction

The game relies on player curiosity instead of scripts.

13: Unencumbered Experience

The game provides the highest freedom to the player.

14: Games Synergy

The game connects and reinforces each other.

15: Never-Ending

The game does not end.