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Twenty-year-old Sophie Luna wakes up one day and discovers she is always naked, no matter what she wears. She can see her clothes, but they do not appear in mirrors, devices, or other people’s eyes.

Yet Sophie decides to go out this day and complete her journey: she must attend a job interview, have lunch with her ex-colleagues, buy a gift for her father, meet her boyfriend’s parents, and have dinner with her family for her father’s birthday, all while appearing fully naked.

One day a young boy discovers that he can freeze time whenever he feels sexually aroused.

Now he is known as Hornee Battler, the best spy in the world. With his power, he continuously pursues the evil organization Sphincter and its mysterious leader X. Xavier.

Every few hundred years, a wizard selects the next recipients of magic among the thousands of children in the kingdom.

One day a giant asteroid crashes on Earth and brings a global meteor shower that gets witnessed by every human on the planet, including the blind.

Strange events started happening after that, all recorded faithfully by the Quentista.

In the year 2050, Neuralene helps people store, retrieve and alter memories, allowing them to acquire virtual experiences that can enhance their personalities.

One day a boy tries Neuralene and uses it to gain confidence so he can overcome his shyness with his crush.

One day an alien race invades Earth but fails when a meteor hits their mothership and destroys them.

1000 years later, humanity masters the alien technology and brings forth a new renaissance.

Knowll is what everyone must know. It is the minimum set of knowledge we need to acquire for peace, prosperity, and progress.


This is a book of life and has three goals.

  1. To share the universal knowledge that humanity needs to acquire.
  2. To accelerate humanity's transition towards universal knowledge.
  3. To improve humanity's conditions using universal knowledge.


  1. Universal knowledge is information that is knowable by all of humanity.
  2. Knowll is the collection of universal knowledge that humanity needs to acquire and its contents are the twenty topics below.


This is a book on game design and has three goals.

  1. To understand the nature of media consumption.
  2. To understand the nature of video games and what makes them engaging.
  3. To understand the nature of the Souls games and improve them.


  1. A Souls game is one of the games created by FromSoftware consisting of Demon Souls, Dark Souls I, Darks Souls II, Dark Souls III, Bloodborne, Sekiro, and Elden Ring.
  2. A Souls-like is a game that emulates the characteristics of a Souls game.


Our mission is to create the most engaging combat-centric, isometric action role-playing video games emphasizing collection, progression, and challenge.


The Mechdamon Manifesto provides guidance for the creation of the Mechdamon games. There are only 15 main principles but more than a hundred specific guidelines.

Collection of writings on the history of video games, the lives of distinguished game creators, the design of outstanding game concepts, and the development of exceptional titles.